See what this female keke rider did in Yenagoa

Early morning sunrise in Yenagoa

What a man can do, a focused and sincere woman can do it better. I just jumped in to keke this morning to drop my kids to school, of course you know how recession has dealt with Nigerians even those who have cars. I noticed that the keke rider is a young woman, I became elated about that.

Woman keke rider in Yenagoa

But I noticed that the young lady is mindful of the steering and the wheel, unlike the men who don’t and think of the passenger they are carrying. Sometime, the manner in which they overtake big and other small cars will make you faint before seeing an accident. I so much enjoyed the ride.

Finally another astonishing thing I noticed was the manner she used in taking her fee. Now I conclude what crazy men can’t do well serious and calm women do better.

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