President Buhari: The waiting game continues

One must say that the waiting game continue in the country of about 180 plus where the President President is absent even as the criticism rises.
 Muhammadu Buhari must have thought about it carefully before extending his vacation indefinitely.

President Buhari still sick in UK

Imagine what rumour mongers would have done if a particular date was given, and the president did not return on the day.

There were reports that Buhari would return to the country on Sunday, with the protocol department on standby, but that never happened.

The arrival of his wife on Saturday gave some the impression that the president was rounding off his London stay, but as it stands now, no one is certain of when Buhari would return.

Buhari’s wife neither spoke of her husband’s health nor gave a hint on when he would be back home. She only thanked those who have been supporting him, and asked the nation to keep on praying for their leaders.

Aisha Buhari said she also prayed for the country in Saudi Arabi where she went for lesser hajj.

Femi Adesina, special adviser to the president on media and publicity, has been saying his principal would come back to the country sooner than later.

Adesina said the most important thing for now is that there is no power vacuum since Buhari handed over to Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo, and sent a letter to the national assembly to intimate the lawmakers that he was uncertain of the period he would assume duty.

Having left for the UK on January 19, the president has been away from the country for 24 days.

Last week, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) directed its members to pray for him. The body also asked the presidency to release full details on the progress of Buhari’s health.

On Friday, 350 mosques in Borno state offered special prayers for the safe return of the president.

Buhari’s health has been a topical issue between his critics and supporters, and the argument is not likely to die down until Buhari steps into the country. When that time is, no one knows for sure, at least from the look of things. But for now, the waiting game continues.

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