Pozi Schemes That Pay Their Participants – Read

Pozi Schemes That Pay Their Participants - Read

In the Nigerian market for the past one year and 6 months, it has witnessed massive PONZI schemes varies from dubious act and charity concept. But each of them preaches and position CHARITY at the front-desk.

I have taken my time to study them and I have come out with the result to say categorically to NIGERIANS that 90% of them are dubious and criminal to milk out your hard-earned money. Out of the 10% still operating 5% are still strong because they have good intentions but you can’t cheat nature. Ponzi is Ponzi no matter how appealing it is surely it will freeze one day.

The actual fact is that 5% left are the schemes with good intention but because improper management, the system failed and struggling to come back.

At least from the age of these schemes can tell you that it will last. But Nigerians are surely desperate and that’s why many are fallen prey to these fraudsters. After MMM Nigeria failed, many of the 1X2 matrix came up, at first they start paying 300% of any investment while others 200% but after a day or 2 days all will be seen as scam. More than 200 Ponzi schemes exist in Nigeria and about 75% have shutdown after duping people their Millions of Naira in the name of GET RICH FAST.

Moreover, desperate Nigerians who are called programmers are the ones behind the Nigeria version of PONZI. It has been the way out now since Buhari’s recession started and one would ask “Is Buhari the convener of the scheme or is he taken the blame?

All the same out of all the Ponzi schemes in Nigeria, some are still good, efficient to go and help some poor Nigerians if they can remove greed out of the way. Getting rich over night has eliminated the spirit of hardwork in some Nigerians who patronize the schemes therefore making them to put all their monies in the game. Well, it is your choice when you want to join but do with your spare money but it might get lost.
See two geniune onces you can join.



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