“PDP is leading..I’m happy PDP is planning to regain the presidency – Jonathan

Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan on Monday described the loss of the 2015 elections as a temporary setback for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Former Nigerian President talks to PDP members

Speaking when he hosted stakeholders of the same in his home Abuja, Jonathan said he was happy with the other plans to regain the presidency.

He said the PDP remains strong and the other politicians in Nigeria, and that all others and “led by PDP”.

“Yes we lost the presidential election but that is not on us. Any other and still know that PDP is a leading one,” he said.

“Can not the president’s temporary. We need to be able to get the situation back as long as we are able to achieve what we have together.

“I’m glad you people are working there.”

He said he could believe that a young nation, its institutions and confident.

Speak about the court’s rejection of President Donald trump executive, Jonathan said such a need in Nigeria at the time.

“There is no way this country will grow weak, because everything about politics is about people, not about individuals,” he said.

“As long as you are interested in people, you are interested in the growth of the society and development of the country.

“The only thing that will make this possible is that the work must be stronger.

“As strong as America’s, President Donald trump take a decision on the court’s ‘No you can not do this’ and of course, they have to shut down the decision to move forward.

“That’s the power of the institution. That is the only way individuals can only process so that you can grow.”

Presenting the report earlier, Jerry Ghana, chairman of the committee, said they had submitted the report to the party leadership on Tuesday and were directed to submit a copy to the former president.

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