Open Letter to Gov. Dickson: Land to Herdsmen; My Solution

Governor Henry Seriaki Dickson

His Excellency
The Executive Governor of Bayelsa State
Creek Haven (Government House)

Land to Herdsmen; My Solution

Having stated the dangers of giving out our land to herdsmen, it is only proper for me to proffer a solution to the issue.

Before I do, let’s tell ourselves some bitter truth:

1) No part of Africa do without eating cow meat from herdsmen.

2) These cows are only breed by herdsmen.

3) Can any state do without the services herdsmen render? “No”

If the above is true, how then do we handle the issue?

Whichever way one looks at it, land must be involved but the truth is herding is a private business therefore free land should not in anyway be given to them.

The government can lease or rent land to herdsmen at subsidized rate but certainly not in the state capital of Yenagoa.
The land when leased or rented to them will be well fenced with a police post just outside the fence. Also, a security team by the state government will be set up to monitor the security situations along with the police.

On moving with their cows from other states to Bayelsa, a route should be acquired by government after compensation to the owners of the land along the route. The payment will also be covered by the herdsmen as lease and not by government with task payers money

In there base, a water dam or well should be in place.

The fact that they leased or rented the lands does not stop them from paying taxes.

On feeding of their cows, they should buy grasses and food for their animals or walk through approved routes only at an approved time to look for food for their cows that is what is invoke in every modern society.

In conclusion, His Excellency may wish to organize a forum for people to air their views but for and against the subject matter before making an informed decision which I believe will go far to calm the tension.

Once again, keeping herdsmen in a state capital is not advisable.

Yours in truth and faithfulness

Comr. Jonah Daumieye D.
Restoration Believer

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