More actresses now willing to offer sex for movie roles –Nollywood actor cries out

Nollywood Actress willing to offer sex for movie role

– Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu has bored his mind torwards the wild life of Actress in the industry, those trading Movie roles with sex.

He took this time to his Instagram expressing his view over the activities of these Actresses.
On Thursday, Maduagwu swung his searchlight on the activities of female Nollywood practitioners and came up with the conclusion that more of the so-called star actresses in the industry are increasingly desperate to sleep with producers in return for lead roles in movies.

“Suddenly a popular Nollywood actress just walked in and ordered the budding actress to drop the script, claiming that she had been given the role. That was how she forcefully collected the script from the emerging actress. Imagine. I felt bad when I heard this story. Imagine the shame and the psychological pain that the younger actress must have experienced just because one fake celebrity and star actress went through the back door to get the lead role.”

Maduagwu said that, much later, he learnt that the actress was given the role because she had been sleeping with the producer of the movie.

Describing the sex-for-movie-role syndrome as an ugly trend that is slowly killing the film industry in Nigeria, he continued, “The other day, I was on a movie set in Lekki, Lagos when a director stopped shooting simply because a star actress, who had gone behind to get the lead role, failed to deliver her lines accurately. The director told her to hand give the script to another actress who was better in delivering the lines. When she refused, the director walked out of the set. That was a good director who knows his job. If we had more directors like him in Nollywood, I tell you that things would be better.

“I know that there are some producers who don’t tolerate all the nonsense that these actresses do on movie sets. Also, some producers are quite focused and they     know what it means to invest so much in a film project. They are the kind of people that we need in Nollywood.”

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