Man pays N600,000 and a laptop for having sex on Valentine’s day in Yenagoa

Valentine's day sex story

As others both single and married enjoyed the Valentine’s day irrespective of their aims, a young, mother of two and girlfriend to a young in Bayelsa state went out to have her time and enjoy herself, fortunately for her she ran into a man at one of the famous car wash in the heart of Yenagoa. The man had some bottles of drink with her and finally took her home for sex, perhaps as they both agreed.

After riding the horse that night, the said young man couldn’t pay for the services rendered. She decided to take an action to recover her loss.
According to the story, she headed home with the man’s laptop, N600,000 and other valuables. Before he could realise himself she has gone with the items.

According to eyewitnesses at the street of event when SARS came looking for her, they said the girl has travelled the next morning to Port Harcourt sensing the trouble. So, the police decided to arrest her guy, “husband”.

Did the guy actually pay with the said stolen items for just a night with the girl?
Well, that is unfortunate for him.!
….developing story

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