How Buhari bribed Judge with N500,000 to bury his WAEC result case


A witness has claimed in the process of corruption of Justice Adeniyi Ademola alleged that President Muhammadu Buhari gave the embattled judge N500,000 while his license was controversy before the Federal Supreme Court judge, Premium Times reports.

Some people had filed a suit challenging General Buhari candidacy prior to the elections of 2015, namely the president had no high school diploma, as required by law.

The witness said that the money was given by the president Buhari former lawyer, Kola Awodeyin.

The witness, however, said he did not consider the money a bribe.

Justice Ademola prosecuted by the office of the Attorney General of the federation for alleged corruption. He has denied the allegations and requested accelerated hearing process in Abuja.

The federal judge is being prosecuted along with his wife, Olubowale, and a senior advocate of Nigeria, Joe Agi.

This is a developing story. More details will be published later.

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