Between Dickson’s N3b cars and 2face’s protest

Governor Dickson

Facebook user posted this on her timeline. Take a look on the comments after the post.

So I saw this post on somebody’s blog about Bayelsans joining 2face to protest
Are you people normal??
Who is wounding you like this??
Your house is on fire, you’re going to help someone else to quench his own
Haba! Who is doing you this thing?
Your governor just wasted #3b or about wasting it just to buy cars for people who already have cars
And civil servants haven’t been paid
People are starving in their houses
So many students haven’t paid fees
Your best quote here is, “It is well “
Keep welling oo you hear
I don’t think egbon 2face would be mobilizing buses that would convey you to Lagos oo
Charity really begins at home
So you would pay transport or drive your cars that you’re not sure the fuel inside can get you to Lagos
And then what na??
Come back home and be frowning
face for Dickson??
You people can make me laugh shaa

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