Bayelsa Governor’s donation of land to Fulani Herdsmen: the controversy and fury

Fulani Herdsmen in Bayelsa

This article was posted by concerned Bayelsa on facebook… speaking his mind on the land donated to Fulani Herdsmen by the state Governor.

LAND TO HERDSMEN; My Position Based on Experience:

Before I embark on stating my mind on the above issue, I’ll for purpose of clarity state that I have always believed in this government and will always do. I am a great beneficiary of this government and it goes without saying I also laid my life on the line to make sure I deliver my ward during the election.

Also, as a man who has travelled 34 states and the FCT out of the 36 states in Nigeria, I think its important to air my view based on experience.

That said, I was born in old Gongola State presently Adamawa and Taraba States. In 1991, immediately after the creation of Adamawa and Taraba states, my family lived in Jumeta in Adamawa state. In 1994, the head of Jumeta gave a parcel of land to herdsmen. To use as market for breeding, slaughtering and selling of cows. They soon turned the place into a community of herdsmen. On May 22, 1998 while my family was celebrating my birthday, my dad was asked to report at his office ( Military Hospital) what happened, the herdsmen had invaded a community and killed more than 70 persons. When security agencies went to the settlement of the herdsmen, they have all deserted the area with all their cows.

Secondly, Agatu in Benue state did the same by giving a parcel of land to herdsmen in 1997. According to the then military administrator, the gesture is to keep them in a confined environment where their activities can be monitored. Agatu has lost more than 400 lives since last year as the herdsmen have unleashed mayhem on Agatu.

Conclusively, history will repeat itself with this gesture. I speak Fulani very fluently that is to tell you of my closeness with them. I will not join any protest but just wished to state that the gesture is not worth it.

Just a piece of my mind

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