We must fight piracy to a standstill – Queen Precious

This is an exclusive interview with her Majesty Queen Precious Nneoma Maduabuchi, the 2017 Miss Nollywood International. She speaks on dreams to fight piracy in Nigeria. She says all should join hands and fight the menace.

 Miss Nollywood International

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Chidispalace: May we meet you

Queen Precious: Good evening, i’m Maduabuchi Precious Nneoma. Miss Nollywood International

Chidispalace: So, tell us your experience while contesting for the crown?

Queen Precious: It was a journey to a different phase in my life.

Chidispalace: What was your challenging moment in the event?

Queen Precious: I experienced a whole lot of things, from learning to live with different girls, discipline, courtesy etc…

 Miss Nollywood International

Chidispalace: Have you been to other Pageant before this one?

Queen Precious: Several in school.

Chidispalace: The comparison.

Queen Precious: This pageant is by far better than previous pageants I have contested for.

Chidispalace: Before going into pageantry what was your notion?

Queen Precious: To use the crown and change lives, help the less privileged so people will have positive things to say about my reign.

 Miss Nollywood International

Chidispalace: That’s ok. Now that you have become Queen, will these dreams come to fruition?

Queen Precious: Of course, surely by God’s grace.

Chidispalace: So when are expecting your kick off, and what exactly are you going to embark upon?

Queen Precious: My pet project will kick off very soon. I will be embarking on a skill acquisition training in different fields.

Chidispalace: So, what’s the relationship between you, the management and other Queens?

Queen Precious: Its a cordial and pleasant relationship that I and the other queens hope will yield positive results.

 Miss Nollywood International

Chidispalace: What about the management, especially your Boss?

Queen Precious: Well he is our boss and the relationship is purely professional.

Chidispalace: What’s your opinion or perception about “Queens tagged to be prostitutes” regarding the the former Miss Anambra lesbianism tape leaked and it’s scandal?

Queen Precious: Well I have nothing to say about that. Its was shameful to say the least but I strongly object to people tagging queens as prostitutes, based on a foolish act by one Queen.

Chidispalace: Recently you Queens came to Bayelsa for photo and video shoot, what is it all about?
Queen Precious: It was about piracy in d Nigerian film Industry, the effects and possible ways to stop it.

Chidispalace: So, do you think your campaign will contribute immensely towards hurting the trend?

Queen Precious: Towards hurting the trend?

Chidispalace: Yes.

Queen Precious: Well we believe our campaign will contribute immensely in stopping the issue of piracy if only the masses will see reasons and stop patronizing pirated movies.

miss nollywood
.The Queens making up before video shoot

Chidispalace: So, are we expecting you girls to stare in a movie?

Queen Precious: Yes, but details to that regard will not be disclosed in today’s interview.

Chidispalace: Legacy! So what are we expecting from you at the end of your term?

Queen Precious: Time will tell, but one thing I am sure of is that my reign as Miss Nollywood International will not be forgotten in a hurry.

Chidispalace: What is your advice to other girls out there?

Queen Precious: If u have a dream, don’t be afraid to pursue it. The sky is just your starting point to attaining great things in life.

Chidispalace: It is good time talking with you. Hopefully we will have you here again someday when you are on the next level.

Queen Precious: Tnx, the pleasure is all mine.

 Miss Nollywood International

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