VIDEO: CIA ‘believes Russia has more than one Donald Trump sex tape and second source claims it DOES exist’

Donald Trump

The CIA believes Russia has “more than one” Donald Trump sex tape from , it has been reported.

The billionaire has angrily denied claims made by former British MI6 spy Christopher Steele that the Russian government is in possession of compromising material on him.

The explosive memo, leaked on Tuesday night, includes claims Trump hired a group of prostitutes to defile a hotel bedroom in Moscow where the Obamas had slept.

The FSB – the Russian spy agency – had secret cameras and microphones installed and caught the whole thing on tape, it was claimed.

In his first news conference as President-elect, Trump dismissed the reports as “fake news” and berated the American media for repeating the unverified claims.

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But last night the BBC’s Washington correspondent Paul Wood said he had been alerted to the existence of a Trump sex tape by a second source last August.

A retired spy also found about it from “the head of an East European intelligence agency”.

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