So, allow Me sometime to speak about this book; “Souled out” one lifetime piece that talks about soul winning for a living.
The buying and selling of souls but unto God.
The bible says; the righteous himself is not yet engrafted into the house of the Lord and therefore can not feed at his table unless he has successfully turned a soul from condemnation.

The harvest is ready but the Labourers are few, are some of the instances of our shortcomings here on earth. Imagine the number of fruits that laid ripe, waited for the labourer, yet no one came and time couldn’t help it, so it fell and unto condemnation; it was swept along with the rots on the ground, trashed into a deep pit and burnt to ashes.
Flashback! Just before it fell, it was indeed one of the most treasured thing earth hath known and so, it wanted to be saved at all cost. Even to be bought or sold cheaply, at least from damn…but the labourer was the problem.

May this book help you to be sensible enough towards the harvest around you so no one will be condemned at your expense & ignorance.
God is still in the business of soul winning, never for a moment think He has stopped after trading His most prized Heavenly treasure in a barter for the whole world. And He did make a promise in *Prov 11: 30* that he who does soul winning for a living has not just the payment of wages or salaries of money (financial upliftments) but also the tree of life & he shall be wise. I lack letters to go on and on about the unending prizes of soul winning laid down as a covenant for the redeemed.

So this book talks extensively about this long lost soul that was *”Souled Out”* by the finder/seller and unto God the Purchaser to keep account & to save from eternal wrath.
Also talks about the wonders and luxuries of being employed & placed on God’s payroll and all the heritage it secures for the labourer/worker in heaven.

Hear this; *”In his Kingdom, even a soul yields percentages overtime. The baffling truth is, these percentages are randomly huge. Bigger than the 30%, 100% money doubling schemes out here”*

*Soul’ed Out* to God… a soul has been SOLD out, no longer the world’s. The rewards are astonishing. Are you ready?
Let’s sail out for the big catch, like Peter did at the call of Jesus.

Happy New Year!
#StiringUpSouls  #FirstSaturdayThoughts

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