Queen Freda: Modelling Game encompasses Strength, Image, Profitability but..

Queen Freda
Read a chat with Queen Freda, the double crowned Queen, Bayelsa Supermodel and FACE OF BAYELSA 2016/17.

This chat came before her official photo shoot and interview with chidispalace.com.

When I was thirteen years old that was when I decided that I was going to be a model. I was admired and looked up to Agbani Darego the Miss World 2001 because she was unique and flawless, as time went on I admired Harriet Eddie and Powede Lawrence because of their strength, they represented the pageant world as well as modeling. They had no stopping point from one pageant to the next, one project to the next. Why I decided to contest for the Miss Bayelsa Beauty Pageant, firstly this is my first time to contest for a beauty pageant and at once I emerged the first runner up; Face of Bayelsa and Bayelsa’s Supermodel, it’s all super amazing and it was an amazing experience. Friendships and sisterhood were made.

As a model I have a lot I want achieve as well as give to the public, I don’t want to make empty promises so I am working hard to attain my goals.

Being a model is more than looking beautiful in magazines, clothes, bill board etc. or gaining the attention of the general public for publicity stunts or driving cars but being a (role) model, being someone can look up to as well as the younger generations. I want to live a positive mark on the society and good memories in the hearts of people and they can say Queen Freda will never be erased from the sands of time.

There is no recommendation for perfection its inherent in all of us, it’s left to us to nurture it and guide it. There is no greater joy than the joy of knowing you are loved and supported by people for your good works.

The modeling game or industry if you will pardon me to say encompasses strength, image, profitability, marketability, acceptance, publicity and individuality but more of what you can give to the society for them to look up to you and give back and I know with my passion and zeal that drives me as well as hardwork and discipline I can make it and attain all my goals and dreams .Thanks

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