Girls who want to succeed in 2017, do this!


You have resolved, in this New Year, to stop doing this and that, but have failed to resolve to:

-Stop posting the pictures that always tell us how you frequent various hotels in the process of commercializing yourself to the old, married men.

-Stop competing with those guys that cannot do without codein, ryphnol and tramadol and putting up posts that show you just finished consuming some stuff.

-Stop seducing married men online and reduce the infidelity rate in the land.

-Stop deceiving yourself with “selflove” talks when you had probably destroyed your relationship with your “waka waka” life.

-Stop letting us know your only selling point is the pretty face and attractive contours you possess and convince us that you are also endowed with the virtues as stated in Prov. 31.

-Stop flocking with those girls that only make you badder and make friends with the kind of people that would make you better.

-Stop deceiving and justifying your lesbian life with talks like “boys are too wicked and promiscuous.” Madam the bible did not record the Garden of Eden as inhabited by Eve & Eve. Adam was with her; even before her remember.

-Stop blaming your parents and the government for the hardship that has, as you believe, made you turn yourself into an indigenous commercial sex worker. Take responsibility, find your purpose and add value to people’s lives. Things will get better.

-Stop spending the proceeds of your runs on clothes, mobile devices and well furnished apartments and thinking you have done exceptionally well for yourself.

-Stop thinking this is busybody or ITK but take it as a plea from a concerned friend that yearns to see you make New Year resolutions that would make you better and reduce the viciousness in the land.

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