For Couple: Must the lady relocate to the guy’s church after wedding?

Must the lady relocate to the guy’s church after wedding? (My Personal thoughts)

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Hmm…Traditionally, a girl moves to a guy’s house and also to his church. She relocates to his town and domain. She changes her name and bears his name, and even in death, she is buried in her husband’s place. It is amazing when you consider the sacrifice that it takes to be a woman….or a traditional woman. Any attempt to change this has been called rebellion and then she is told, “Lady, SUBMIT.” It sounds to me like, “Lady, Become a slave.”

Has anyone looked at the woman’s world for a minute? Is she a half human? how does SUBMIT mean go to his church, bear his name, and so on ? She even forfeits her calling and ministry at times, so that she can SUPPORT his ministry?

Hmm….I think not! I plead for balance. If his church does not give the woman a spiritual connection to her maker, should she not obey God rather than men? Or is love blind? Have they considered a neutral church? Is it a crime for a man to attend his wife’s church? (and I have seen cases like this) If he attends her church, has he become WOMAN-WRAPPER? I think not!

A church is a location of worship, not a center for dominating genders. And on a lighter note, and a funny note, wasn’t the man supposed to leave father and mother ( physical and spiritual) and join his wife?…..hmmm, well, the balance is that in Psalms 45, the king’s daughter was also asked to leave her people.

Therefore, there is a leaving and cleaving on both sides. And there is agreement for connection on both sides. It is not mandated and determined by tradition. Its determined by agreement.

Therefore, if these two CANNOT agree,then let her be… and don’t impose traditions on them. God bless you.

Tekena Ikoko
Single But Not Stupid Awareness Campaign

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