British mum jailed in Bahrain for alleged adultery is granted ‘quickie’ divorce


A British mum who was jailed in Bahrain for alleged adultery has been granted a ‘quickie’ divorce and is being allowed to fly home to the UK, it emerged late last night.

MirrorOnline exclusively broke the news last Wednesday that Hannah James had been locked up after her husband accused her of cheating.

Photos showed evidence of her having been bruised and battered by her husband – a claim which he admitted when it was put to him by The Mirror.

After news of her ordeal gained international publicity Jassim Alhaddar, 30, withdrew the adultery claims and the charges were dropped.

The Daily Record reports that last night the Bahraini government issued a bizarre defence for jailing Hannah – saying they were right to put her behind bars as she was accused of adultery.

They also claimed she had NOT been abused by her violent husband.

Hannah, 26, was imprisoned for a month after Alhaddar accused her of having an affair.

He admitted to attacking her – claiming it was in self-defence and that she bruises easily “because of her white skin”.

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