Breaking: Keke Napep to shutdown Bayelsa as strike begins Monday

Keke napep

Monday 23rd January, 2017 Keke Napep drivers in Bayelsa state sets to disrupt movement in Yenagoa, the capital of the state. It was recorded that last week friday the union went on a protest against the state government and its Agency for the increament in “Daily Ticket” which they said it used to be N200 to N300 but newly raised to N600. Moreover, the Agency also extort money from them in buying Tapolin which was banned for months because of some crime recoreded. Now the said tapolin is to cost the N3500.

Bayelsa Keke news

As gathered from the Keke operators, the year stickers is estimated at N40,000 and daily ticket estimated at N18,000 monthly. Therefore, the union has agreed to embark on a strike which will begin tomorrow Monday. And warned that no member will be operating at all. If any one caught operating, his KEKE will be vandalized.

This will should cause panic and frustration to the poor masses as it is only the fastest means of transportation in the state. This action will crumble school activity, works and the rest. See the shocking details below:


Keke Napep

Just to obtain this number on the “keke”==================N6, 500. 00 each

There is a planned “unified sticker”======================N11, 000. 00 each

Govt recently banned the use of curtains on “keke” and ordered all operators to remove their curtains, or be sanctioned.

Less than 2 months after, the same govt has planned to introduce it’s own compulsory curtains================================N20, 000. 00 each

If all these complains by the “keke” operators are true; the peaceful protest should not be left for them alone, because if govt truly implements these policies, the “keke” riders will have no option but to increase the transport fare, and it is the masses that will suffer. Govt should have a rethink.


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