Borno State Govt discovers baby factory, bans sale of alcohol, operation of brothels, illegal motor parks

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The Borno State Government said it has discovered a baby factory where children were were being sold. The Hon. Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Barr. Kaka Shehu Lawan, stated this on Thursday during a press briefing on emerging security concerns in the state.
Five people including four women, among them a woman who delivered a baby boy and came home without the child, and sponsors of the factory were arrested following an intelligence report by the civilian JTF in Gwange area of the state on September 12, 2016. A baby was recovered and another one rescued during a raid on the factory at Galadima.

The suspects were taken arraigned before the High Court Number 13 and are now in the maximum prison pending the next court hearing. Read the rest of the press release below:

“I wish to use this medium to brief you and the general public on some emerging and disturbing security concerns in the state and measures intended to be put in place by the state government to safe guard lives and properties of citizens and also forestall any security breach.
We are all aware of the unfortunate activities of insurgents that led to massive destruction of lives and properties, displacement of millions of our people and dislocation of means of livelihood, our social and economic activities. In one way or the other, we are all affected or victims.

However, with the new and honest commitment of Mr. President in fighting the insurgency, we are now enjoying a new lease of life. We salute and sincerely appreciate the efforts of our gallant security personnel who have substantially defeated the insurgents, over ridden their base in the Sambisa forest and now clearing the remaining pockets and remnants from our society.
All communities hitherto captured by the insurgents have been recaptured and many displaced persons have returned or are returning to their localities. The state government is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that all communities and facilities destroyed by the insurgents are rebuilt and all IDPs are properly re-settled and rehabilitated.

Sadly however, despite all these remarkable achievements and government’s efforts in conjunction with security agents to consolidate, sustain and promote the prevailing peace and security across the state, some people engaged in activities capable of endangering our collective safety and security.
These activities include illegal operation of motor parks, chemists and patent medicine stores, baby factories, brothels, sale of alcohol and illicit drugs, use of shanties and illegal structures along major streets to sell some wares, charcoal and firewood, use of wrong number plates or unregistered vehicles and many others.

As a responsible government we shall not fold our arms and watch some people destroy our society especially where these activities are clearly regulated or outrightly banned by our laws. We have a duty and we shall, with the support and cooperation of security agents and law abiding citizens, enforce all laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and those of Borno State for our collective and common good. Read in Full

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