“A dignifying Queen with honor and integrity” (Exclusive interview)

Queen Freda main

An exclusive interview with double Queen, Freda Fred who was recently at Miss Bayelsa Beauty Pageant 2016 crowned the 2017 Bayelsa Supermodel and Face of Bayelsa.
Lets share in her experience at and after the event.
Chidispalace: Welcome once again to Chidispalace. It is good to have you back. We say congratulations to you as the double Queen (Face of Bayelsa and Bayelsa Supermodel 2017)
So, what is the experience like during the Miss Bayelsa contest?

Queen Freda: Thank you.
It was an amazing experience, I got to meet new people with different and unique characters.
But I had to be focused and adjust to the new environment I found myself , observed and tried to work with everyone. Friendships where formed, sisterhood where made in that short period of time

Queen Freda

In the aspect of the organizational staffs put in place to guide us and our activities they were friendly and free especially our chaperone miss peace who was free and nice, Barrister Francis O. Francis, Mr Chidi, Mr Dan they made a remarkable effort on us.

Chidispalace: How did you feel when you were pronounced Face of Bayelsa and not Miss Bayelsa?

Queen Freda: I was a bit disappointed because I felt I deserved to win and I did my best but clearly my best wasn’t enough, so since an re -contesting i need to put more effort and work harder.

Queen Freda main

Queen Freda main

But I have no regrets and the judges did a great job in their judgements . And am really proud of the work they did that night, I came to the pageant hoping to win one crown but something unusual happened and I left with two and I feel it’s a great honour to be a double crowned queen . For a person that has never done any aspect of pageantry in her life that’s a great honor.

Am proud of my achievements, its life you don’t always get what you wish for but keep driving towards it and never give up.

Chidispalace: So, what was the challenges and obstacles you faced during the pageant?

Queen Freda 3

Queen Freda: Being new to the pageant world was like being blind but still driving with the aim of getting to your destination safely.
One of my major challenges would be the aspect of distraction and insecurity. At a point I was seen as a major challenge and some of the girls who felt insecure tried to wave me off, but it’s expected so I never let that weigh me down.

Also living with new people you get to learn to tolerate a lot of things.
And finally trying to get the 180 turn in cat walk, I found it really difficult.

Queen Freda 4

Chidispalace: Did you see anything unique amongst the Contestants? Were you better off than the Queen?

Queen Freda: Yes I did but am going to keep that discrete. And I learnt a lot.
I won’t say that besides she is more experienced than I am  and she did marvelously.

Chidispalace: Now that you are double Queen how do you feel?

Queen Freda: I feel elated because it is a rare privilege and I am absolutely honored to be the recipient of this position and it motivates me to work even harder. With double crown comes double responsibility.

Chidispalace: Where will your journey begin?

Queen Freda: My journey began even before I was crowned but be rest assured it’s not ending anytime soon, there is still a long way to go , goals to achieve, expectations to be met and dreams to be brought to reality and this journey is going to be really long and the end is not anywhere in sight thank you.

Queen Freda

Queen Freda

Queen Freda

Chidispalace: What are we expecting of you as day goes by?

Queen Freda: A dignifying queen with honor and integrity who is willing and ready to serve. As days go by I will be unraveling my pet projects and carrying out my duties and responsibilities as a queen . My major goal is to make my state and nation a better place.

Chidispalace: What will be your advice to every aspiring model and Beauty Queens?

Queen Freda: My advice to them will be for them to be focused and set their priorities straight, never give up, never be distracted, and keep your dignity intact as the adage goes a good name is better than silver and gold. And determination and hard work will take you far in life.

Chidispalace: What is your dream in the next few years?

Queen Freda: To be a lawyer and Africa’s top model which will enable me impact and touch lives all over as well as serve the community because the greater good of the society is my aim. I want to be remembered and my foot prints left in the sands of time and I will be known for my good deeds thank you.

Chidispalace: What’s your word for your supportive fans

Queen Freda: Be happy, never limit yourself and never settle for less I won’t disappoint you.

Chidispalace: Thanks for having you once more on Chidispalace.

Queen Freda: Thank you.

Queen Freda

Queen Freda

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