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Final Voting for Miss Bayelsa 2016 Contestants

Click on the photo for the finals and the information of the WINNER OF MISS BAYELSA BEAUTY PAGEANT 2016
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Remember the finals comes up this Friday 23rd December 2016, @ Trendy Event Centre, Otioto junction, Yenagoa, Bayelsa state. Just N1000 for endorsing your Contestant.
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  1. Let what happen to douye bekefula not happen to Freda Fred please organisers stand by your honour and dignity fairness all d way you deserve the best and she will work hand – in – hand with the foundation God bless.

  2. Pls I plead that the foundation do everything in their power to make sure that they are fair and people don't loose hope and faith in the pageant industry #freda Fred for queen

  3. #TEAMRHODASH … No competition, the vote may not really come, but you got all it takes to win the crown.

  4. Mind your language, you unknown fool. Thank God you made yourself unknown. You don't know people so stop saying things out of proportion. If freda is mearnt to win she will and not because of any body but because she deserves the crown…

  5. U incompetent fool you should reveal ur self be for your information she doesn't need to sleep with anyone to win she has a heart of gold and people love her

  6. Dis is y we need education , it is important no educated person will be so daft to type bullshit just bcos people are voting her , bad belle

  7. Abeg my darlings don't waste your time on hopeless people they are not worth your stress… # my Freda for queen

  8. Every evil eye looking at my Freda Holy Ghost fire blind you, win or win she will still be Freda. Stop hating , it's a competition not a do or die affair # Freda for queen , sounds nice

  9. Even when God called all his children the devil came along…. why am i not suprised with people like u… who are u even supporting i guess dt person put u up to this hahaha lol,,,,…… 3#FREDAISOURQUEENOOOO

  10. Thats how they said Bill Gates did money ritual…. but never saw the hardwork done …. unknown uncircumsized philistine…… #fredaourquuen

  11. The final voting will be done tomorrow night. Am suspecting that Freda recruited so many people on social media. The crown is not by Facebook but beauty and brains. Let's us wait till the end. We can only wish all of them well and allow the judges do their best

  12. If Jesus Christ had enemies who crucified him any one can on that note Freda good luck wish you all d best.

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