Earthquake strikes Indonesia ‘killing dozens’ in region devastated by Boxing Day 2004 tremor


A 6.4 magnitude earthquake has hit Indonesia killing dozens of people, according to reports.

The tremor hit the Indian Ocean on Wednesday around 100 miles from the coast of Aceh.

The region was among the wort affected by the devastating earthquake on Boxing Day 2004 which killed an estimated 280,000 people.

Search and rescue teams are now using earth movers to clear rubble after dozens of buildings collapsed.

“The earthquake was felt strongly and many people panicked and rushed outdoors as houses collapsed,” Sutopo Nugroho of the national disaster management agency said in a statement.

He said one person had been killed and several injured.

Residents-gather-around-a-collapsed-buil (1)

Some media reports in Indonesia quoted Aceh officials as saying at least 18 people had been confirmed dead and 30 injured.

Aceh, on the northern tip of Sumatra island, was devastated by a massive earthquake and tsunami centred on its western coast near the provincial capital, Banda Aceh, on December 26, 2004.

Wednesday’s quake was centred on the east coast, about 105 miles from Banda Aceh.


Images on television and social media showed buildings reduced to rubble, fallen electricity poles, and people gathering outside at street corners.

“The search and rescue operation is underway and we are using heavy machinery to look for victims,” said Risky Hidayat, an official at the provincial search and rescue agency.


At least five aftershocks were felt in the hours after the initial quake, the disaster management agency said.


The region suffered massive destruction in 2004 when a quake of magnitude 9.2 triggered a tsunami that wiped out entire communities in Indonesia and other countries around the Indian Ocean.

Indonesia was the hardest hit, with more than 120,000 people killed in Aceh alone.

Source: Mirror

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