Contestants Debate questions: How well do you know Bayelsa?

How well do you know Bayelsa state? Answer the questions below.
1. Bayelsa state was created on?
2. Bayelsa state has boundaries with which states?
3. Who is the current speaker of Bayelsa state House of Assembly?
4. How many Radio and television stations do we have in Bayelsa state?
5. Abia state is known as God’s own state, and Bayelsa is known as?
6. Who was the second elected governor of Bayelsa state?
7. How many LGAs do we have in Bayelsa state?
8. Twon Brass is the headquarters of Brass Local Govt, true or false?
9. Governor Henry Seriaki Dickson was first elected in what year?
10. Yenagoa Local Govt is the state capital, true or false.
11. Who was the first executive governor of Bayelsa state and when was he elected?
12. What is the acronym FIDA?
13. Mbiama is located in which state?
14. Who is the first lady of Bayelsa state?
15. Who was the first Bayelsa state first lady?
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