The young Republican who’s bigger than Trump on Facebook

                                 Tomi Lahren
One of Facebook’s most popular conservatives burst into prominence with sharp viral rants against liberals. But how will her underdog attack style play under President Trump?

She’s a free speech advocate who tells her opponents to sit down and quit throwing tantrums.

An anti-feminist who admires strong women. A sharply partisan commentator who says she feeds people the truth. A rap fan who’s made an enemy of the Black Lives Matter movement. And a combative polemicist who says that all really she wants to do is start a conversation.

Meet Tomi Lahren: a 24-year-old Republican provocateur, a photogenic rising media star, a high-energy mass of contradictions – and one of the most popular commentators on Facebook.

Lahren presents a programme on conservative news outlet TheBlaze, but her fame stems mainly from one segment in particular. “Final Thoughts” are three-minute screeds delivered at blistering pace – she talks more than 50% faster than the average English speaker – directly into the camera.

They’re biting, outlandish, dripping with sarcasm and – depending on your political perspective – either righteous and rousing or obnoxious and infuriating.

Lahren’s videos routinely get more views than even those posted on Donald Trump’s official Facebook page.

Perhaps her most notable video essay took aim at mixed-race American football player Colin Kaepernick, who touched off controversy this year when he declared he would kneel instead of stand when the US national anthem is played before games. Kaepernick says the gesture is a protest against racial oppression, and it’s been the subject of fierce debate. Read More on BBC

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