Stunning! Man stabs 4 family members over Hillary Clinton’s defeat

                                Man stabs 4 family members over Hillary Clinton's defeat

A 49-year-old man who was upset that Donald Trump won the presidential stabbed four of his family members with a meat cleaver on Saturday, during an argument on why Hillary Clinton lost the election, police said.

Their mum, 67 year old Yvonne Braswell, said the argument started in her Flatbush apartment when her sons, Maurice and Dwight, got into an argument over why Trump won and Hillary lost.

She said neither Maurice nor Dwight voted for Trump, but that the argument escalated and Maurice grabbed a meat cleaver and attacked his brother with it. He slashed his brother in the head and hand. When other family members tried to break up the fight, they ended up getting cut up as well. His sister got cut in the fight and had to get 17 stitches in her thumb, his mum and nephew also got cut in the right hand.

Braswell said:

“They’re always in confrontation, they grew up like that, bickering. “But it’s been a long time since they went this far. Many, many years.”Maurice is awaiting arraignment in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Source: NY Daily News

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