Jeremy Corbyn gives Theresa May ultimatum: Agree to Labour’s Brexit terms or I’ll force election in spring


Jeremy Corbyn will force Theresa May to hold an election in the spring unless she caves in to his Brexit demands on trade and worker rights.

In an exclusive Sunday Mirror interview, the Labour leader said he will only let the PM trigger EU negotiations in a Commons vote if she agrees to Labour’s “Brexit bottom line”.

He said: “Sorry, but we live in a democracy and the Government has to be responsive to Parliament. It’s not my timetable so it’s up to her to respond.”

Mr Corbyn’s bottom lines are:

UK access to 500 million customers in Europe’s single market.
No watering down of EU workplace rights.
Guarantees on safeguarding consumers and the environment.
Pledges on Britain picking up the tab for any EU capital investment lost by Brexit
The PM wanted to trigger Article 50, which formally begins the process of Britain leaving the EU, without Parliamentary approval.


But on Thursday, three High Court judges ruled that was unlawful and Mrs May must allow MPs and peers to vote.

That could scupper her timetable and throw Brexit into chaos.

The Supreme Court will now hear a Government appeal next month. MORE

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