Incredible photos with glimpse of remote tribe whose women cut off own fingers to mourn their dead

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Incredible photographs have offered a rare glimpse of one of the world’s most isolated tribes.

The Dani people, who live deep in the highlands of Western New Guinea, Indonesia, are known for their unique customs – including penis sheaths worn by men and the tradition of slicing off fingers to grieve for dead loved ones.


The tribe first came to the attention of westerners when it was unwittingly discovered by American philanthropist Richard Archbold during an expedition in 1938.

The new pictures were taken by photographer Teh Han Lin, from neighbouring Singapore, who snapped the tribe over a four-day period.

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They show a people with a strong sense of identity and tradition, including the unusual piece of underwear – known as Koteka – worn by males. More photos below

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dani tribe

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Source: Mirror

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