Elitist Gina Miller’s daft Wrexit will be even worse than Brexit


Anyone who believed filthy rich hedge funder Gina Miller when she said this week’s court action to give Parliament a vote on the triggering of Article 50 wasn’t about politics but “procedure and process” needs their head looking at.

This was about a bunch of loaded, powerful, well-connected Remainers using the courts to frustrate the will of the British people and block Brexit .

They didn’t get their way on June 23 so they’re determined to get it now – at the cost of democracy.

Miller is the woman who condescendingly said she felt “physically sick” when she heard that 17.4million people had voted to leave the EU.

She was devastated because (I paraphrase) she thought Leavers were stupid little people who’d been “tricked and fooled” and simply hadn’t ­understood what would happen if we left the EU.

What kind of arrogance makes someone think 17.4million people are cretins who need to be educated by the likes of her – an ex-model who married a multi-millionaire?

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