British woman ‘gang raped’ in Dubai being supported by Apprentice star who suffered same ordeal

Zara Jayne Moisey has told how she is “petrified” in Dubai

A British woman facing jail after she was allegedly gang raped while on holiday in Dubai is reportedly being supported by an Apprentice star who suffered the same sex attack.

Zara-Jayne Moisey, 25, told police in the United Arab Emirates she was violently raped by two British men in the city last month.

But instead of being treated as a victim, Zara-Jayne, from Widnes, who is single after splitting from her husband, was reportedly locked up on suspicion of extra-marital sex and later charged with the offence.

Selina Waterman-Smith was raped in Dubai in 2012 (Photo: BBC)

Her passport has been confiscated and she now faces a trial, claim her family and friends.

Zara-Jayne is now being supported by Apprentice star Selina Waterman-Smith, who set up a support organisation for abused women in the UAE after she was raped in Dubai in 2012.

Selina told The Sun: “I am doing everything I can to get justice for Zara-Jayne.”

Selina, who waived her anonymity, told how her drink was spiked in a bar before three men followed her home.

The 25-year-old says she misses her family (Photo: gofundme)

The 33-year-old was then bundled into a car and taken to a filthy bedsit where she was raped for four hours, she told The Sun.

Iranian-born Ameen Quoz Najati Jaza and Younes Jaan Ali Jabri Qurashi, both 20, were jailed.

Her third attacker fled and has not been caught. Read More
Source: Mirror

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