‘Britain’s luckiest mum’ enjoys 3 week ORGASM after births of four children


Meet Britain’s luckiest mum who experienced four pain-free labours using hypnotherapy – before enjoying a three-week ORGASM.

Emily Street, 35, claims to have enjoyed the euphoric sensation after the births of her four children, and said she “loved” every minute of labour.

The midwife began using hypnotherapy before her first child Oscar, nine, as she was “terrified” of giving birth.

Emily, who lives with husband Paul, 34, in Hale, Cheshire, said: “I was really quite terrified having seen loads of things as a midwife, and obviously the things that really stick with you are the ones that weren’t so nice.


“I remember being heavily pregnant with Oscar, sitting on the sofa a nervous wreck and just bursting into tears saying, ‘I don’t know how I’m going to do this’.”

Emily researched ‘natal hypnotherapy’ and enrolled on a three-part course which included hypnobirthing which taught her to control the pain through breathing techniques.

Her family were sceptical about the therapy, but Emily says she felt a sensation close to an orgasm. Read more on Mirror

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