Bayelsa Governors

Open letter written by Sam Patrick Dogitimi

Your Excellencies,

This may be unconventional, but I have wittingly adopted this expedient style with the believe that it would give more meaning to my message. Hence I crave your executive indulgence. Meanwhile congrats on the litigation battle that ended no victor no vanquished.

I was ecstatic when the apex court of justice gave its verdict on the 8th of this month. I told myself: “Finally the uncomely polarization, hatred and enmity that had existed as a result of the elections would now lessen significantly.”

Guess what Your Excellencies. I was also very expectant that night. I was looking out for the breaking news: “Sylva Emulates Jonathan,
Calls Dickson After Supreme Court Verdict.” But since I did not see or hear that headline, I looked out for “Dickson Calls Sylva Via the Phone, Begs the Former Governor to Join him in Moving Bayelsa Forward.” Alas I did not get to see or hear that, too. Instead, I read the news releases that were incessantly dished out. You cannot imagine how heartbroken I felt.

To say the least, your ambitions had taken several lives within a short period of time; not just as a result of the violence that erupted, but also as a result of the inordinate anxiety that cladded the hearts of most of the deceased.

As against former president Goodluck Jonathan’s slogan, your ambitions took away the lives of so many promising Bayelsans and I pray their souls lie eternally well.

Needless to say, some maimings were not even recorded. Properties worth millions of naira were destroyed; several natives were dislodged from their towns and all what not happened. Nonetheless the crux of this epistle is not to reminisce the ugly past, but to see how we can envisage and work towards having a better Bayelsa.

As you are not unaware, Bayelsa needs development with reckless abandon and the onus rests on you to make this a reality. It is easy because Bayelsans would see both of you working concertedly in the interest of our land. This is the least thing you can do for us. After all, you have been privileged to be our leaders in the state and at the federal level.

Even as a relatively inexperienced youth, I know it is not easy for the both of you to mend fence and work together. Be that as it may, I want Your Excellencies to recall the promises you made in your hearts while growing up. I want you to recollect those young dreams you had. And the bitterness you had for inept, hateful leaders.

Remember that you promised your youthful selves that you would improve your land when God puts you in a leadership position. Fortunately, and in His magnanimity, God has given both of you influential positions that you can use in leveraging our land, positively.

Permit me to put. You cannot allow negative emotions to get the best of you. It is time to use your positions to attract development to the state. We are relying on you to meet our exigencies. Elections are over and all what we yearn to see now is developmental talks and projects, not outpouring of tirades or the like.

Please do Bayelsa a favour: call your followers to order and instruct them to stop the hate game. It is time to tell all proteges that the time for politicking is over. Now is the time to sheath every political sword and put Bayelsa first in every of your dealings.

Bayelsa is hitherto contrastingly divided into APC and PDP. Your ambitions caused altercations in so many families, groups and communities. Admittedly, nobody can spearhead this exigent unification save for the both of you.

Followers are like water hyacinth, they, almost always, go wherever the tide goes. Your followers will do whatever they see you do. Your Excellencies, I was thinking if the both of you could have a chat, say at Creek Haven, and tell Bayelsans to live as one and forget all that happened during the gubernatorial elections.

Bayelsa is in a dire state and we would remain so if we keep letting politics to take the better part of us. Fortunately, the ball is in your court to change things. Simple: Dickson should be more prudent with the state resources and Sylva should work with him and bring development projects from the centre.

A divided house can never stand the test of time. And a land with vengeful and unloving leaders is more or less rudderless. The soul of Bayelsa is crying for sterling unity, oneness and development, but this would not happen after not until there is obvious harmony between you.

Both of you are not perfect, but we do love you. Yes we do! Bayelsans are not worried about the past. They are only praying how both of you can committedly break the APC-PDP dichotomy that has glaringly been instituted in the land. They want you to spearhead the dismantling of that evil seed that was sown in the land.

Your Excellencies, I earnestly believe that, moving forward, you will forget all grouse and jointly bring projects that would improve the lot of Bayelsans. You will not vent anger on the other’s followers. You will treat each Bayelsan as your blood from Izon-Ibe. Your relationship will be more cordial. And the interest of Bayelsa would continue to impel your actions and reactions.

Thank you and do accept the wishes of my highest regards.

Sam Patrick Dogitimi

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