‘World’s sexiest weathergirl’ delights Comic Con fans with surprise appearance

 world's sexiest weathergirl

Geeky visitors to a comic convention were delighted when the ‘ world’s sexiest weathergirl ‘ turned up in disguise as Batgirl.

Stunning Yanet Garcia, 26, gave New York Comic Con fans something to smile about as she arrived undercover.

Images of her presenting the weather went viral around the world and resulted in her being voted the world’s sexiest weathergirl.

Celebrity website TMZ and Playboy described her as a ‘girl that makes you want to watch the weather forecast’.

 world's sexiest weathergirl

Her popularity meant that the local weather show she presented became an online sensation, however she recently announced she had decided to leave the job and was planning to move to America to learn English.

And now she has turned up dressed as a superhero, delighting visitors at Comic Con in New York.

She arrived with her boyfriend, who was dressed as Superman, and then posted some of the best pictures online. More on Mirror

 world's sexiest weathergirl

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