‘World’s best’ male escort reveals what it’s REALLY like to be paid to romp with men and women


A male escort has spoken on the career of being paid to have sex .

The Australian man, 29, mainly based in London, said he preferred clients not “conventionally considered attractive” because he prioritised cleanliness, enjoyment and respect for his boundaries.

“I associate all of the above more with older, overweight, bald etc,” he says.

He revealed the strangest request after 10 years in the business was a male client who wanted to stand clad only in undies while he kicked him in the testicles with shoes on.

“I can kick hard,” the escort reportedly said.

“Anyway, he could take it.”

In a Reddit discussion, he opened up about his career as a love-maker, detailing how he also attends dinners, shows, casinos and holidays with clients as an escort.

He says most of his clients are bi or bi curious men but he also sees couples.

And many of them have wives, husbands, boyfriends or girlfriends. Some times they’re single women. Read in full

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