Woman goes on rampage at Beauty shop after staff refused her a £10 refund

A-woman-goes-on-the-rampage-in-hair-care-store-after-being-denied-$12-refund (1)

Her own child watched as mum lost her temper inside the shop even sending a cabinet full of jewellery crashing to the ground and scattering all over the floor

A woman so annoyed she couldn’t get her money back for her £10 shopping went on a violent rampage, throwing the store owner to the floor.

The shocking CCTV footage sees the customer being restrained by a man, as she picks up the owner in her other arm and unceremoniously dumping her on the pavement.


She had already kicked a glass door and thrown cabinets of jewellery scattering to the ground as she lost her temper with her own young child watching the angry episode .

The 69-year-old owner followed the woman on to the street as the row went on, but she was then attacked and left with cuts and bruises. Watch Video below

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