Viral Video: Poisonous snake died after taking a bit of the model’s nipple (Video)

Sexy photo shoot

A viral video showing a model filming a video with a poisonous snake, takes the most unexpected turn.

The poisonous snake died after taking a bit of the model’s ample bosom. The cosmetically enhanced Isreali model, Orit Fox, seemed to have upset the snake when she tried to lick it sometime during the shoot.

The snake soon attacked her, digging into Fox’s right nipple area, causing the model to scream as she tried desperately to get the snake off her.
After some harrowing seconds, the snake finally lets go of Fox’s boob but seemed the worse off from the attack.

Surprisingly, the snake was reported dead after ingesting silicon from Fox’s fake boob. Ms Fox got away with a tetanus shot while the snake pays the ultimate price.

Although the incident took place years ago, it has only just gone viral and has garnered 101,814 and counting, in the last few days.
One more reason to have breast implants right? Who knows, it just might save you from a bear. Watch video below

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