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VIRAL PHOTO: The Reason Why Independence DOVE did not fly in the hands of BUHARI

As shared by a facebook user recently. the photo has generated a lot of comments and questions around the globe. According to the post that the Independence dove refused flying in the hands of President Buhari for the second time.

With the current recession Nigerians experience, it has also affected the birds, all animals as well so no living thing in Nigeria is having a good time. It is either it gets you from the left, right front or your back.

My opinion is that the dove knows what is really happening in Nigeria. As innocence, pure and gentle as the dove, she  isn’t happy with the leadership and ideology of the present administration. Every human being in Nigeria is passing through PAIN and HUNGER.
The question is, ”If dove can feel this way, how much more humans (Nigerians)?
In fact NIGERIANS are feeling BAD!

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