Sex tape: How Beauty Queen paid N1.8m to her blackmailers, more shocking details

According to him, the ex-beauty queen has now been granted asylum in an undisclosed country. He also went further to claim that the videos which are in more than 10 parts (in which only two were released yet) was done for money long before she became a queen. Chidinma was not the only one being blackmailed for the lesbian sex video but she however became a big fish to the blackmailers when she won the beauty queen contest.


The ex-beauty queen has parted with a whooping N1.8m just so that videos won’t be released to the public but the blackmailers were bent on milking her dry. He went further to say that Chidinma was trying to do damage control when she said it was photoshopped and that she is not the one in the video. And that she was trying to insult the intelligence of everyone by saying that.

”Damage control is very important. Chidinma shouldn’t have started up with the photoshop rubbish. It would have been easier for us to understand that she under the influence of juvenile excesses. Telling us that it was photoshopped was like insulting our combined intelligence.”

Mr Victor Ibeh went further to reveal how ladies and young guys do unbelievable things just to have money and be regarded as a big girl or big boy in the society. He posted:

”The love for money. The love for money. Bringing up our children with wrong values. What does a little girl below 20 want to do with millions.  Those videos were made for money. You heard me right.  That reminds of my uni days. What some of you don’t know is that majority of uni girls go for weekend prostitution for money. Some also engage in pornography for foreign sites, just to make money. Even that so called husband, boyfriend, wife and girlfriend, you have might have their nudes videos somewhere in another country. Do you also know that orgy-Naija captures the images of people who go for sexual orgy with them.

”A car and an iPhone is the reason we have her videos every where. The excessive desire to get wealth is why little girls are busy doing nasty things for money. The other time we heard about the lady who agreed to go to Dubai and eat poop just for money.  We are talking about a great future society. How can we achieve that when the young people of today have already lost sense of what values and morals are.
Copyright, Victor Ibeh 2016”

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