Read the shocking thing Nollywood Actor said in his recently TV appearance


Segun Arinze is a Nigerian actor and singer, born in the year 1965. The actor who is referred to as black arrow by some of his fans started his acting career in Ilorin over a decade ago.

In a recent appearance as a guest on a TV show, The Gist, he voiced his concerns on the new set of Nollywood actors. The veteran actor mentioned that modern-day Nollywood is harbouring what he termed pretentious, social media stars. He shared his idea of an ideal actor. In his opinion, new Nollywood actors are not well grounded in the arts as acting requires constant practice and proper education as opposed to free-styling.

Nollywood Actor Segun Arinze

He said: “most of these guys are pretentious. They are only interested in who has the highest number of likes or followers on their social media platforms. Most of them are not even disciplined and they lack the knowledge. They only want to be popular.”

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