Man’s chilling google searches before he murdered a bride-to-be – Court


In a disturbing murder case from New South Wales, Australia, it’s been revealed that killer Vincent Stanford searched Google for terms including “bride rape” and “bride kidnapping” before he murdered school teacher and bride-to-be Stephanie Scott just days before her wedding.

Stanford had worked as a casual cleaner at a number of schools in the area, including Leeton High School, where 26-year-old Stephanie had worked as a drama teacher. According to court documents, he started acting suspiciously, hanging around at the school over weekends in the weeks before he murdered Ms Scott in April last year when he wasn’t required to be there. Stanford was also reportedly sighted loitering near the girls’ toilets at the school during another time he wasn’t working.

But Stanford’s murderous fantasies became real on Easter Sunday last year, when he’d spotted Stephanie at the school where she had gone to plan lessons for a supply teacher who was looking after her class while she was away getting married to her partner of five years, Aaron Leeson-Woolley.


Explaining how he killed her, Stanford told police that he picked Stephanie up from behind after she wished him a happy Easter. He confessed to dragging her into a store room with a hand over her mouth before he beat her 30 or 40 times until she died.

“I did it at the high school…I beat her to death,” he said. “I had to kill her. I wasn’t angry or anything. Basically emotionless. Just that I had to kill her.”


With no apparent explanation as to why he murdered Ms Scott, Stanford said: “I think I went a little nuts. I think I needed to see a psychiatrist but I didn’t.”
Source: cosmopolitan

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