Man arrested with Drugs packed in an Indomie noodle carton

Drug smuggler

National Drug Law Enforcement Agency has revealed that it uncovered a plot by one man named Benson Onyechi Esonwunne to use indomie Pack to smuggle cannabis through the Akanu Ibiam International Airport (AIIA) in Enugu State on a plane to China.

According the spokesman for the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Mitchell Ofoyeju, The alleged culprit,  Esonwunne, was attempting to board an Ethiopian Airways flight from Nigeria to China when he convinced an innocent passenger to carry the box of packaged chicken flavoured noodles for him on the plane.

Esonwunne said that he began trafficking drugs because Nigeria’s economy was so poor, and its exchange rate so unfavourable, that he needed to turn to the illegal activity to get by.


Mr. Ofoyeju said, “The cannabis was carefully prepared inside packs of noodles to avoid detection.

“It is instructive that people be aware of this trick because what they consider as an assistance may just send them to prison or early graves. This is because drug trafficking is punishable by death in China.”

The NDLEA statement also revealed that Esonwunne had been deported from China two times prior for immigration offenses in 2008 and on May of this year.

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