Kendall Jenner’s Stalker Convicted of Trespassing

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In August, Kendal Jenner called the police when a man began following her up her driveway. Now, her alleged stalker is facing justice.

TMZ reports:

Kendall Jenner can only breathe a very small sigh of relief … the man accused of following her up her driveway has been convicted of trespassing — but got off on the stalking charge.

Shavaughn McKenzie’s verdict just came in … and the partial verdict is troublesome to the famous Kardashian.

Here’s the problem … McKenzie will almost certain [sic] get probation for trespassing … the less serious of the 2 charges. And, he seems obsessed with Kendall.
As we previously reported, Kendall did get a five-year restraining order against McKenzie. Hopefully, for the reality star and her family’s sake, this is the end of this troubling case.

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