Holly Rickwood straddles a lamppost, falls over and flashes her pur-fect bum for a real fright night

                                 Holly Rickwood

Ex On The Beach starlet Holly Rickwood took Halloween horror to a horrific new level this weekend.

Opting to dress as a perfect puss backfired as soon as the catty reality star decided to get a pal to use her blood red lipstick to stamp her buttocks with the unfortunate branding of “total s**t”.

Keeping her dignity in a black leotard, knee high crushed velvet boots and cat ears proved difficult after necking several pints of Halloween horror squash.

                                     Holly Rickwood

                                      Holly Rickwood

                                      Holly Rickwood

                                   Holly Rickwood

The former reality star managed to topple over not one but three times as she staggered into a pal’s Essex house party – her falls proved particularly hazardous on her bum graffiti which ended up smudged. But Holly was a good Halloween sport and took it all in her uneasy stride.

Holly is best known for being tattooed babe Jemma Lucy’s TV enemy after enjoying a night out with her ex Hawley.

The pair had a massive row on Ex On The Beach after Jemma saw images of the pair on the ‘tablet of Terror’.

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