Ban Lifting: Confusion in the Market over Food


As recession bites harder, the price of foodstuffs continues to rise daily in various markets across the state. The availability and cost of food items are considered important in ensuring the well-being and survival of the human society.

The current situation where prices of food items have continued to rise on a daily basis, becomes a source of concern to all and sundry in the last five months. Buyers and sellers of perishable and non-perishable goods in the markets lament the hike in purchase of the items from manufacturers to their various market locations.
This has raised worry that the situation may soon go beyond what they can handle.

They groaned that the cost of transportation, weather condition, market force are the causes of the upward pressure on prices of food items which thereby creates an untold hardship in many homes.

Now, most families eat what is available and affordable compared to what was nutritional or desirable to them before. This present development has resulted into malnutrition among people, especially children, thereby making people spend more and eat less.


The price of items like rice, beans, vegetable oil, flour, yam, Maggi, have continued to rise as observed in the market. MORE


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