Arsene Wenger is a Premier League revolutionary – his legacy is MORE than winning trophies

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Two things stayed in Arsene Wenger ’s mind after his first visit to Highbury.

Wenger has been a revolutionary for English football and his 20 year anniversary deserves proper respect for one of the best managers of all time

The first was former Arsenal forward Perry Groves’ shock of red hair. The second was that women were not allowed in the directors’ lounge.

Former Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein’s wife Barbara was banished to the cocktail lounge but she met Wenger that day and rushed to get her husband to make an introduction which was to change the course of history.

Wenger and Dein immediately hit it off as they watched Arsenal beat Tottenham in a North London derby on January 2, 1989. And it was a friendship which was to prove to be very fruitful.

Dein brought Wenger to the club in 1996 – he actually wanted to appoint him a year earlier before Bruce Rioch but the old school board did not want a foreign manager – and the next 20 years have been a remarkable and unforgettable period in the club’s history. MORE
Source: Mirror

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