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my wife belongs to the Kitchen

Yes, it is really the most trending joke and article on the media these days.
You can’t exclude the television as well.
President Buhari is now know for ….”my wife belongs to the kitchen and the other room”.
Every speaker now uses it… some say my wife is not only belongs to the kitchen but she is active all over and not constrained to the kitchen.

This is hilarious but it is definitely not suitable for the President who is supposed to be gender friendly.
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OXFORD DICTIONARY: New word inclusion. As shared by Facebook user


Noun: buhari
1. hard, hardship, difficult, harsh, tough;
e.g “The economy is now buhari for the masses”
Synonyms: onerous, strenuous, arduous
grueling, painful, hellish;
Antonyms: easy, smooth, simple.

Verb: buharify, buharicate,
2. to make complex, worse, unbearable;
e.g “Please don’t come and buharicate issues here”
“The only way to reduce applicants is to buharify the process”
Synonyms: complicate, exacerbate, degenerate;
Antonyms: simplify, ameliorate.

Adjective: buharific
3. terrible, hectic, difficult;
Synonyms: tough, back-breaking, intricate, knotty, thorny;
Antonyms: fantastic, splendid, pleasant.
e.g “How were your final exams? It was buharific!!!”

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