£148MILLION lottery winner evicts disabled best friend over £250 rent row


The treat friends give will determine the level and commitment of that friendship.
When their shops stood side-by-side they were the best of friends.

They scrimped and saved to go on ­holidays and offered each other help and advice if times were tough.

Back then, £250 here and there was the difference between sinking and swimming for the likes of Kym Mills and her fellow traders Adrian and Gillian Bayford.

Until 2012, that is – when the Bayfords scooped £148million on the Euromillions .

Life changed forever, the Bayfords went on to become landlords for Kym and her daughter but the friendship has turned toxic in a row over a monthly rent rise… of £250.

Now disabled Kym has been evicted from a house owned by 45-year-old Adrian , who split from Gillian, 43, in 2013.


Yet it would take barely 30 minutes for £148million to generate interest of £250.

In an interview today Kym also claims they fell out big time after she helped sell items from his 90-acre estate.

She said: “I’m just hurt – they were my best friends. And at the end of the day they’ve got it all and I’ve lost everything. I wish none of this had ever happened.

“Life was so much simpler before. This money split my friends up and ruined the relationship we had. I’ve got stuck in the middle of it and it’s not fair.” Read More
Source: Mirror

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