The tragedy of an unthinking agitation: the case of the Niger Delta militants


Editor’s note: Austin Emaduku in this piece for shares his view on the activities of the Niger Delta militants in oil-rich region. The author compared the militants to the mad man who in an attempt to solve problem of rats in his house, set the house on fire only to sleep out in the rain.

The immutable truth that our so-called agitators and those who applaud them have failed to see The Managing Director of Delta State Oil Producing Area Development Commission (DESOPADEC), Chief William Makinde, speaking on Quest FM on Tuesday, 6th September, 2016, made a very serious point regarding the relocation of oil servicing companies from Delta state that should be a take home for every true lover of the Niger Delta.

His major point was that we created the state of insecurity that chased away the companies that would have provided employment for our teaming unemployed youths. This is the immutable truth that our so-called agitators and those who applaud them have failed to see. There is on the rise, a culture of laziness and self-destruct that has permeated and continues to bedevil the Niger Delta region, especially Delta state. I can recall the mid-80s to the early 90s when Warri, the economic hub of Delta state was home to hundreds of oil companies. Oil production was at its peak and many of our young men and women were engaged in one form of employment or the other: technicians, fitters, welders, caterers, security guards, etc.

It was in this era that catering, a hitherto disregarded profession in this area came to the fore. Several catering schools sprang up to train careers to fill the need of the catering companies that catered for the countless oil companies that operated offshore and they were legion. Even security companies became sophisticated and people were no longer ashamed to take on security jobs as they were now well kitted and the pay was good. The economy of the area boomed. Night life and recreational activities which are indicators of economic buoyancy of the citizenry thrived. More

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