The most shocking moment of your life

Man talking to a lady
Man talking to a lady

The moment you may feel bad it is not when something bad happened, maybe someone slapped you or you lost your money. Eeemh i guess it isnt a bad moment. It couldn’t be the moment you discovere that the soup you spent time, money and technique to prepare, left for you to discover in the morning that your soup has gone sawaar.

It may not be the very moment your girl broke the news she has dumped you. And all you could do is to lost in words and stood in amazemnt.

And it may not be the very time your business partner called your phone the second time and tell you that all your hardearned money which you paid to him for business is just a scam, that you have lost it.

Now this is the bad moment. A guy was in a spot here he visited  and saw a lady and fell in love with her, same to the lady. And at that moment she want to say YES, another woman surfaced to the scene, then out of a sudden she ask the guy,
How is your wife?
How are your children?
Hope they hav grown bigger now?

OMG! What will you say?
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Chidi Obasi

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