Reasons why single ladies go after married men


In the past, men who are married are seen as off-market; women do not want to have intimate relationships with them because they know they are up to no good. But in present times, the reverse is the case. Some of the women in the society are shying away from marriage; they find it easy to relate with men who are married for some unknown reasons. Finding a man who is in a relationship is a point of attraction to many. It is sickening that they some of them see the men as prizes that have to be won.

Many women in the society are mate poachers; they are only interested in going after men that belong to other women. It is absurd that as pretty as some of these women are, they do not find single men to give their hearts to. We have husband snatchers, fiance seductresses and home wreckers in the society now. There are a number of reasons why women deliberately go after men who are married. We have to acknowledge the fact that some married men do not stay in their lanes too; they do not have it in mind to keep their marriage vows.


LACK OF CONSCIENCE: Adultery has been in existence since time immemorial; people are starting to see illicit affairs as a norm in the society. Even though people know it is not okay to cheat on their partners, they still do it all the same. Single women are guilt-free.

They help some men break their vows and do not care about the wives at home. They will do whatever it is they could do in order to win the men over.

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