Read the true story of MMM Zimbabwe, Nigeria


I will do my best to explain wot really happened in MMM Zimbabwe in order to calm panics in d mind of misinformed MMM participants.!

MMM Zimbabwe offers 100% mavro growth in 30days. This was implemented to attract participants due to the economic hardship in the country. This mavro growth for those of us in business is called market penetration. Again their mavro was never frozen just like ours in Nigeria which multiplies for 15 days and also freezes for that long before withdrawal. What happened in Zimbabwe is an implementation of what is already going on in Nigeria. MMM has seen that they don’t need no market penetration to attract participants. They mavro growth was reduced from 100% to 20%. 10% below what we are getting in Nigeria(30%). And the mavro is also frozen for 14days just as its been done in Nigeria. The Nigerian Model works perfectly fine and MMM is trying to implement it globally. So there is no collapse of any structure, its just a remodelling of what is already in place in Nigeria
Again this is what happened in south African in April. They reduced their mavro growth from 50% or so to 30% and 20% with other schemes like lotteries introduced. And I can categorically tell you that the South African Mmm community is growing faster and better than ever after that change and reduction in mavro growth.
Some other points to note is:  The writer of that piece, has absolutely no knowledge of how mmm works, and the main aim of it is to cause panic. Zimbabwe MMM is still going on even with the 80% decrease in mavro growth. Did anyone lose their money? No. What happened is when u pledge 10k, instead of getting 20k reward in 30days, which is 100% reward, u get 12k which is 20% reward. They are still rewarded with 2k. In Nigeria we get 3k reward for 10k pledge. So did anyone lose their money? Absolutely not. Has it stopped MMM Zimbabwe from continuing? Not at all.
The Nigerian Model of MMM Works perfectly so let’s keep it going?

N/B: You must trade with caution. It is a community of rendering help not actually for business. Don’t get greedy with 30% and contribute all your money…. should it collapsed you have nothing to lose… MMM is real, it may stand the test of time, if we don’t abuse it. That’s my opinion.

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